Phn NTIRENGANYA Lazare is the Division Manager for Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trial.  He holds a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy from National University of Rwanda and a Masters Degree in Public Health Methodology from Université Libre de Bruxelles/Belgium.

Lazare has held different positions in the Health system in Rwanda including Deputy director at the District Pharmacy, and chief Pharmacist at Bushenge Provincial Hospital for 5 years where he was focusing and dedicated to clinical Pharmacy practice, Quality Improvement and safety monitoring in Healthcare services delivery, Drug and Therapeutics committee and supply chain management for Health commodities

He was also involved in the development of Hospital accreditation standards in Rwanda. He has different trainings especially in conduct of clinical trials, Translation medicines, Pharmacometrics, Assessment and registration of medical products, clinical training focusing on management of TB, HIV, HCV/HBV, Pharmacovigilance and medicine information, Rational Drug use.

Phn Lazare has been involved in East Africa Community Pharmacovigilance harmonization process specifically focusing on monitoring of safety and vigilance of medical products and health Technologies in EAC region.  He has been also involved in different Health Research including Post marketing surveillance of medicines especially Anti-inflammatory drugs. He was also involved in research related to nutritional rehabilitation and in publication of, “Prevalence, Intensity, and Correlates of Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infections among School Children after a Decade of Preventive Chemotherapy” in Western Rwanda Currently, he is co-Principal investigator in research entitled, “Pharmacovigilance and treatment optimization of mass drug administration for prevention and control of schistosomiasis and soil transmitted helminths” in Rwanda.