The Chief of Finance Office is responsible for planning, implementing, managing and running of all the finance activities of Rwanda FDA. The office duties involve managing Rwanda FDA cash flows and financial planning, reporting as well as analyzing the institutional financial status and recommend corrective actions in compliance with the Authority’s mandate.

The Chief of Finance Office operates under three (3) Units

Planning Unit

The planning Unit is in charge of coordination of all planning, monitoring and evaluation of the Authority’s activities.

The roles and responsibilities of the Planning Unit  are the following:

  1. Overseeing planning of the entire Authority to ensure complementarity and coordination.
  2. To monitor the institutional performance progress.
  3. To ensure that implementation is in harmony with the Authority’s programs, specific operational plans, research and regular reports on all operational activities.

Human Resource & Administration Unit

The Human Resource & Administrative Unit is in charge of all human resource and administrative activities of the Authority.

The roles and responsibilities of Human Resource & Administrative Unit are the following:

  1. To provide labor law compliance
  2. To ensure record keeping
  3. To hiring and training the Authority’s staff
  4. To ensure compensation, relational assistance and help with handling specific performance issues and management of Authority’s resources both physical and human.

Finance Unit

The Finance Unit is in charge of all financial activities of the Authority.

The roles and responsibilities of the Finance Unit are the following:

  • Collecting revenue;
  • Committing expenditure;
  • Making payments;
  • Cash flow Management;
  • Budget implementation and control;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Follow up accounts receivables;
  • Advising the entity on financial matters;
  • Safe custody of financial documents and accounting records;
  • Producing Financial Statements;
  • Facilitating Internal and statutory external audit;
  • Putting in place financial and accounting internal controls;
  • Provide strategic and financial guidance
  • Develop all necessary policies and procedures to ensure the sound financial management and control of the Authority’s resources