Dr. MUKIZA Janvier

Dr. Janvier Mukiza the Division Manager of Cosmetics and Household Chemicals Assessment and Registration holds a Bachelor’s Degree in chemistry with specialisation in Environmental Chemistry from the former National University of Rwanda, a PhD in Chemistry from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa.  He also holds a Postdoctoral Research Certificate in the field of Inorganic and Radiopharmaceuticals Chemistry from the University of Zurich in Switzerland.  

 Before joining Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority, Dr. Janvier was a Lecturer and Researcher of Chemistry at University of Rwanda. His area of interest and research is Inorganic, Analytical and Radiopharmaceuticals Chemistry, Chemistry interaction with environment, Chemistry application in Medicine and Chemistry Education Research and Practice. He has published 44 articles in different International Journals and participated in different seminars and Chemistry conferences. 

Dr. Janvier is also currently a reviewer of the New Journal of Chemistry published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and he is also a member of the Rwanda Chemical Society. His interests are in quality and safety control of Cosmetics and Household Chemicals as well as other Regulatory activities of the Authority.