Head of Food and Drugs Inspection and Safety Monitoring Department

Dr. Eric Nyirimigabo has served as the division manager for human medicine and devices assessment and registration at Rwanda FDA since June 2021. His responsibilities are mainly: assuring the quality, safety, and efficacy of human pharmaceuticals and devices before they are placed on the Rwandan market.

Before joining Rwanda FDA, Dr. Eric worked as a hospital pharmacist, quality inspector, laboratory testing officer in Rwanda Standards Board, and a lecturer at the University of Rwanda in the school of medicine and pharmacy. He is a professional and registered pharmacist who specialized in drug analysis at his masters studies. His PhD from the Chinese Academy of Sciences focused on the involvement of ERp44 in glucose and lipid metabolism; giving him a deep understanding of physiological and pharmacological processes. He is also trained and experienced in Drug Discovery, Development and Commercialization, Medicine Quality Control, Quality Inspection, and Internal Audit.

Served on Rwanda Standards Boards’ various technical committees in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors of Rwanda Medical Supply Ltd. His research interest focuses on public health protection through medicines regulation, natural medicines in the management of metabolic diseases, and medical supply chain management.